Business Management Tips from the new Manchester Utd.

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Is your business struggling to grow and generate more revenue even after you’ve performed multiple changes? Then it is critical to revisit & revamp your business management strategy with the latest tools & tactics. While this might look like a simple goal in theory, it is very tough to practically implement this. For example, let’s look at Manchester United

Erik Ten Hag & Manchester United’s Resurgence

Even though it is one the most prolific clubs in the EPL, Manchester United faced several setbacks since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013. All the managerial/coaching changes & player transfers that have happened since then haven’t resulted in a significant improvement in the club’s performance and brand value (this could be partly attributed to ownership issues too). Only after the appointment of Erik Ten Hag, did the club look like a proper unit that is back on track.

Business Management tips from Erik Ten Hag’s approach

Business lessons from Erik Ten Hag
Erik Ten Hag managing his players

Let’s look at how Ten Hag is looking to revamp Manchester United and how you, as a business owner, can incorporate them into your business strategies. 

  1. Setting Clear Goals

One of the first things that Ten Hag did when he took charge as the manager is to set clear goals. He was very clear that Manchester United will not win the league immediately, so he focused on long-term improvements. 

Many business owners start making changes immediately without any plan when their business is facing a crisis. While this might bring a short-term boost, it isn’t the best approach. Acting without a clear plan might bring your business more harm in the long term. So, focus on setting clear goals no matter the situation.

  1. Cutting-Edge Tactics

After setting the goals, the manager started to implement new tactics & changed many old processes (including player training & diets). This allowed him to slowly build up the team toward his long-term objectives. 

In the same way, it is critical to constantly research and find the latest tools/strategies & implement them. It’s not just about adopting the latest cutting-edge technologies. It is also about applying new approaches that focus on the core of your business and streamline the internal processes. In addition, this can also help you improve your business’ online presence.  

  1. Adaptability

When you look at the first two matches that Manchester United played in the 2022-23 premiere league, you can clearly see that Ten Hag’s tactics did not fit with the club’s current playstyle. This clear dissonance led to two embarrassing defeats for the club. However, the manager didn’t lose hope and reworked his tactics to fit the club’s counter-attacking football style to bring stability. This allowed the team to slowly grow into Ten Hag’s new tactics. 

As a business owner, you should always make sure that any changes that you bring in fit with your company’s current setup. While you are able to make all the changes you want, the team might not share the vision and get used to it. Even though it might look like a good short-term move, it will eventually create a dissonance that the team might not be able to overcome. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the big picture.

  1. Commitment & Process Orientation

Even though Erik set the goals, provided the right environment & adapted to the club’s playstyle; the team needed to enact the processes efficiently. If the players don’t respect the manager or take initiative, that won’t happen. Ten Hag ensured that he got respect by staying true to his word and sharing the team’s punishments. This nudged the team to commit to the process. 

Whenever you enact any business-wide changes, you need to make sure that the team is committed to the process. You can include the team’s input when deciding the next step, instead of imposing them. This will ensure that they share the business management vision & make them more committed to the goals.

  1. People Management

One of the best features of Erik Ten Hag is his ability to manage players and help bring the best out of them. We can clearly see this by looking at the growth of Luke Shaw, Aaron Wan Bisaka and even David De Gea, to some extent. While man management is not considered a critical skill, it helps provide the best environment for the team’s growth. 

While you, as a business owner, might not be able to personally connect with each employee, you should make sure that each of them feels valued and gets rewarded fairly. By doing this, it is easier for them to work towards achieving the goals you’ve set together.

When your business faces critical setbacks, don’t focus on short-term fixes but look for long-term business management solutions. This can help you not only tide the current problem but make sure that your business is ready to face the next challenge.

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