WhatsApp Business Marketing in 2023: Essential Tips for Beginners

Person using WhatsApp on his mobile phone
A WhatsApp Chat Window

In today’s day and age, WhatsApp Business has become a major communication tool. With more than 2 billion users around the globe, WhatsApp provides excellent advantages for all types of businesses. If you are looking to boost your sales in a highly competitive market, it is important to leverage WhatsApp’s tools & features. So, let’s look at how you can market your products better through WhatsApp & stay on top of the competition. 

Tips for WhatsApp Business Marketing

  1. Quick Replies for Instant Support

Instant customer resolution is one of the sure-shot methods to build your brand’s reputation. WhatsApp Business allows you to create Quick Replies that can be brought up using a trigger button. By researching the most frequently asked customer questions and adding them as quick replies, your team will be able to provide instant help to customers. Thus, you can generate trust and boost your brand’s image. 

  1. Bulk Notifications with Broadcasts

WhatsApp broadcasts can be the perfect marketing tool if used correctly. Although WhatsApp’s commerce policy doesn’t allow you to use direct promotional messages, your team can inform customers about business notifications, new product launches & other important alerts to your customers. This helps your brand stay on top of your customers’ mind, so they can take the decision to buy. You can also create separate broadcast lists to different sectors of customers to send targeted marketing communications to each sector. 

  1. Rich Text Communications & Calls

Unlike many chat applications, WhatsApp allows you to add images & videos to your conversation. Look for ways to incorporate rich media in your marketing communications and let customers get a feel of your brand/product. You can also use videos & images to showcase product demos, highlight product features, and more.

  1. WhatsApp Links & QR Codes

Customer trying to scan WhatsApp Business QR code
Customer Scanning QR Code

Many businesses fail to include links and QR codes in their marketing communications. WhatsApp Business allows your team to place links and codes to both offline & online locations to help customers instantly connect with your WhatsApp Business profile. You can place a WhatsApp QR code at your retail store, at an event or in any other location to let customers browse your business’s account. A WhatsApp Business link allows your physical retail store to be easily found & also increase customer engagement opportunities. 

  1. Scaling up with WhatsApp API

One of the main mistakes that growing businesses make is that they don’t scale up their WhatsApp Business strategy. When your company grows, it is critical to grow your WhatsApp marketing strategy with WhatsApp API. Since it allows a greater level of automation and allows you to create custom chatbots, it allows you to create a highly effective marketing strategy. WhatsApp APIs can be integrated with most of the CRMs available today. So, it also helps you create an omnichannel strategy for cross-platform marketing.

These five tips can help you generate significant engagement with your customers using WhatsApp Business. In addition to following these tips, you should also make sure that your WhatsApp strategy is compliant with the platform’s business & commerce policies. If you have already developed an effective marketing strategy using other marketing channels, integrate WhatsApp’s tools & features into your marketing communications to stay ahead of your competitors.

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